The role of wipes during the Covid- 19 pandemic and beyond

Wipes have had a crucial role to play during COVID-19 as people, particularly families, are familiar with their use. In addition, public concern about the spread of the coronavirus has led to strengthened demand for wipes, specifically anti-bacterial wipes which not only kill germs and bacteria but also remove dirt from the skin.  Many people forget that gels and foams simply move that dirt around, creating a barrier under which germs can regrow more easily.

During the pandemic, the market for hand sanitisers has exploded , with increases of 350 per cent for hand sanitisers and hand wipes.  Wipes now account for a much larger share of the hand sanitising market*

*Source:Kantar, FMCG Panel, 52we 19th April 2020

Sani Hands kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria and provide up to 6 hours protection, perfectly suited for commuters, travellers, shoppers and children returning to school. As lockdown eases, the demand for hand wipes is set to increase as people seek effective and convenient access to hygiene on the go.

*Source: Kantar 12w/e wipes data to 19 April 2020